Protect Your Home: A Winter Roof Maintenance Checklist

Winter is just around the corner. Soon blistering cold winds and piles of powdery snow are going to be a part of everyday life. Are you prepared? Before you answer that, ask yourself when was the last time you thoroughly inspected your roof to make sure it was ready for the cold weather challenges ahead. Roofs take a beating during the winter. Making sure yours is in the best possible shape before cold temps and the first snowfall hit can save you from costly repairs. Not sure where to start? Begin by checking off items on our winter roof-health checklist.  

1.  Start with a complete inspection, inside and out

If you have the resources, it is best to hire a respected professional to come and inspect the health of your roof. If you plan on completing the inspection yourself, make sure you know everything to look for.
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Integrity of the roof edge. Are there any noticeable holes or missing fasteners?
  • Has your roof buckled in any areas? This can be a sign of water leaking under the roof.
  • Check the attic. Look for any signs of moisture or water damage.
  • Check insulation for signs of water infiltration. The insulation might be damp, discolored or have noticeable mold and an unpleasant smell.
If you notice any signs of water damage or weakness in your roof, let us help before old man winter makes the problem worse.  

2. Clear out gutters and roof debris

You would be surprised what can accumulate on your roof during the year. Leaves, mud, branches, nuts, and fruit fallen from trees are just a few examples. Without the proper attention, your roof can look like a wildlife refuge. Thankfully, most of this is easy to clear away with a push broom and someone with good health and balance to get up there and brush it off. Start at the top of the roof and sweep down as you go. While you are at it, don’t forget about the gutters. Fall is an especially difficult time as leaves fall from trees and nestle into your gutters. Clogged gutters prevent water from flowing away from your roof and clearing them out is an essential part of mid to late fall home maintenance.  

3. Remove any low-lying branches

What would winter be without at least one epic storm? As the snow piles up, branches take on a lot of weight. Between the extra weight of snow and ice, and cold weather brittleness, branches are more likely to snap and break. This can mean disaster for your roof.  

4. Invest in a snow rake

A snow rake is an inexpensive piece of equipment that’s designed to help you easily remove snow from your rooftop. This one step eases the strain on your roof and prevents ice dams. An ice dam forms when heat escapes through your roof and melts the snow, which then drips down into your gutters and along the roof edge until it finally refreezes. You will recognize an ice dam as those massive icicles that hang from your home. These can strain your roof with their added weight and damage your gutters. A snow rake is also useful for knocking ice dams down if they do form.  

5. Consider snow guards

A snow guard is a roof device that is used to retain snow and prevent it from falling from a higher surface to a lower one. Snow guards prevent snow from piling up in one area and then avalanching off your roof. When you live in an area with harsh winters, snow guards can help protect your roof, and your property below. Winter is coming, there is no question about that. This year, be prepared and winterize your roof. At LDR Cleaning & Restoration, we are happy to answer any questions.  All you need to do is call us.  What you do today can save you from more costly roof and water damage repairs in the future.
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